Art Light Design Studios

Large works

We have a selected number of very special large pieces for bigger domestic or commercial spaces. The trees collection are exclusive and cannot be repeated. Our artist Kate defied all convention to produce these absolutely marvellous pieces that capture the imagination and bring a gentle atmosphere into a room. Visitors to our gallery describe them as 'calming' 'peaceful' 'like a window'.

Aros Tree Exclusive

2180mm x 1060mm

This is a unique piece in that it is very rare to have a woodcut of this scale.

Carved from one block 2440 x 1220mm (8x4ft) the artist, Kate Leney, added colour by the reduction printing method. This is a technique where the carved block is printed with the lightest colour first (background hills and clouds), this is then carved away and the next colour printed (foreground hills) and so on until the final print is of the detail only, in this case the black silhouette of the tree.

Using this technique the print cannot be reproduced as the carving is destroyed as the layers are printed. The reduction method adds vitality and movement to the piece as it adds an element of freedom as a pose to the more meticulously planned and carved option of adding colour with separate blocks.

We added a simple, classic, tessellating, square oak frame as a top frame and a sturdy solid oak outer frame, backlit with variable LED adjustable lighting, which emits a gentle warm glow or can be used to lighten a large room, this can also be changed to a cool daylight for those times when you need a clearer more focused environment.


Skeleton Tree


This is a large one off piece from a set of three trees. Carved from a single block 2440 x 1220 and handprinted onto a single sheet of Japanese tenjin paper, this is a unique statement piece.

Emitting a calm serene energy from its design and from the warm LED lighting behind the artwork it is sure to add a presence to any room.

It would fit into a standard size room as a full wall covering or would lend itself to a large lobby, hallway or reception area.


Curly Tree

2180mm x 1060mm

The second in the set of three trees, this is a playful image of twisting and curling leaves and branches.

Again carved from a single block and handprinted onto a single sheet of Tenjin paper.

Our classic tessellated oak top frame is hand joined and stained in black osmo, with a sturdy solid oak main frame and warm LED lighting.


Olive Tree

2180 x 1060

This is a unique bespoke piece made with a combination of delicate colour mokuhanga style hand printed leaves and complimented with a strong large scale woodcut tree body. Carefully handprinted to show the grain in the wood to show through in the tree trunk and the texture in the fibres of the Japanese paper this is a remarkable piece standing in all it's glory as another large scale showpiece at roughly 2 x 1 metre.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this piece or something similar.


Triple Tree Composition

2180 x 1060

This is the third in our bespoke range of large scale tree compositions. It is cut from a single wood panel and handprinted onto our Tenjin paper. Measuring just over 2 x 1 metre it is a showpiece and light source for a large reception room.

Simply framed with a black stained oak top frame and terra stained solid oak main frame.


Willow wall

2180mm x 1060mm

This is an example of how any of our designs can be tessellated and scaled up to cover an area the size of your choice.

From our willow range this is the design handprinted and joined together using our tessellated oak top frame design, stained in black osmo and a solid oak outer frame stained in terra.

With these wall designs you can choose between white daylight LED, a warm LED or variable - the best of both worlds!

This willow currently has a white LED to bring a more daylight window effect to the room.


Abstract Alder


An individual wall piece handcrafted with lattice effect joinery and a composition of 14 handprinted Alder leaf woodcuts.

A completely unique showpiece for a busy office.

Fitted with daylight LED to both brighten and enhance work conditions whilst softening the atmosphere.

Its gentle alder leaf pattern adds texture and contrast to an otherwise stark environment.


Alder wall composition

2180 x 1060

Our Alder design lends itself to a full wall composition for a busy reception area. Lighting up to draw attention in the evening and elegantly unlit during the day to enjoy the subtleties in the woodblock printed leaves.

Complimented with a sightly more extravagant, but still simple, double bar oak top frame to play and interlace with the 10 handprinted leaf sections.

Please contact us if you would like a similar layout in a different design.


Inspired by Japan

Crafted in Scotland