Art Light Design Studios

Spectacular Floor Lamps

After several months of design and development we are excited to introduce our new floor lamp. We blend our traditional printing techniques and Art Deco influenced frame design to make a very different form of lighting. These spectacular panel lamps are very flexible to place , either as a movable division to a space , or they are equally effective as a corner or lamp close to a wall.

The illustrated lamp above is 1600mm tall and each panel is 450mm wide. However as this is a bespoke handmade range we are very flexible with dimensions.

All are made with solid oak frames and brass fittings. We use the variable colour temperature lighting by remote control allowing you to change the lighting atmosphere in comfort.

Please continue to watch for new designs or contact us to discuss specifications further.

Bamboo Design Floor Lamp

1600mmx450mm x40mm

This is our new standing floor lamp, the panels are set on a hinge so you can choose the bamboo design side or the ornamental oak frame side. They are fitted with variable lighting so you can choose warm to white light depending on your mood.

Can be bought individually £2500 or as a pair £4500 . Contact us for more details.


Bamboo Floor Lamp reverse

1600mmx450mm x40mm

This is the 'art deco' frame side of our bamboo standing lamps. Lamps can be made with either side framed or with a woodblock print.


Single Panel Floor Lamp

1200mm high by 460 wide by 72 deep

An elegant single panel floor lamp with variable colour temperature lighting. This may come with the abstract bamboo motif (limited numbers) , plain or with a custom design frame. Please watch this space. The price will vary depending on design and typically range from £600 to £1200 plus shipping.

All lamps are hand made in solid oak and hand finished. The very high quality variable colour temperature lighting is smoothly dimmable and changes from cool to warm white to suit your mood.


Inspired by Japan

Crafted in Scotland