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Ginkgo Biloba

The inspiration for the Ginkgo Biloba leaf design comes from the auspicious status of the trees in Buddhism, their use in traditional Oriental art and medicine, and their distinctive physical composition. Here the fan-shaped leaves are captured undergoing a colourful autumnal metamorphosis, transforming from bold, verdant green to soft, saffron yellow.

The Ginkgo Biloba design is hand carved onto Japanese Shina wood. Watercolours are mixed by eye, either in the palette or during the printing process, where layers of translucent inks are printed on top of each other to achieve the desired colour and tone. This is a meticulous process, in which 15-20 layers are applied and each hand printed design subtly and deliberately varies.

All of our collections can be bought as single panels or multiples in either landscape, portrait or bespoke layouts.

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Small Ginkgo


This is our small gingko design, a mixture of sap greens and yellow ochres in a falling ginkgo leaf design.

This design can be ordered in our single panel, double panel (landscape or portrait), triple panel (landscape or portrait) or in a bespoke layout as you can see on our 'bespoke' page.


Ginkgo Biloba Single - unavailable


A unique limited edition handprinted woodcut in lemon yellows, ochres and sap greens. Single backlit panel in a simple oak frame.


Large ginkgo falling leaf


Our large ginkgo in it's original triple format with a bespoke oak barred frame.

These can be made to order with a choice of frame colour and daylight, warm or variable LED lighting.


Ginkgo Biloba Triple Bespoke


A unique one off woodcut print of twirling Ginkgo leaves. Hand printed in ochres and sap greens, finished with a bespoke design oak frame.


Triple Ginkgo Light Oak Bespoke frame


Triple portrait layout with a ginkgo design. Bespoke oak frame stained in a light oak following discussions with client on their vision.


Ginkgo Quad


This is our popular 'Large Ginkgo' design in another unique layout. Customised into a panel roughly a metre square wth a decorative oak top frame to accentuate the leaf dispersion.

The colours of the prints can be adjusted as they are hand printed to match the clients decor.

Please contact us if you would like something similar in another of our designs or if you have a frame design request.


Inspired by Japan

Crafted in Scotland