Aesthetically striking organic designs that embody the agility and liveliness of nature and bring life and light to your chosen space

Ginkgo Biloba

The inspiration for the Ginkgo Biloba leaf design comes from the auspicious status of the trees in Buddhism, their use in traditional Oriental art and medicine, and their distinctive physical composition. Here the fan-shaped leaves are...
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The Maple design is a woodcut that exploits colour, paper texture and natural vertical grain of the wood to render a sense of agility and liveliness which mimics the autumnal surrender of the maple leaf falling from its...
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Inspired from walking in the forested mountains surrounding Kawaguchiko lake, looking up and seeing blanketed layers of maple leaves and alder leaves twinkling in the light – a pattern across the sky as far as the eye can see. The...
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The Bamboo design is a combination of Japanese woodblock techniques and western relief printing from linoleum. Walking through the Arashiyama Forest in Kyoto, mesmerized by the huge pillars of bamboo soaring up to the sky, swaying in the...
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The Willow design utilises a repeat pattern that can be joined horizontally or vertically and alludes to the elegance of willow leaves fluttering in the wind. Capturing the gentle, quivering movement of a weeping willow tree as it leans...
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Inspired by Japan - Crafted in Scotland