Art Light Design Studios

Colour matching clients fabric to our hand printed large ginkgo design

Colour matching to a client’s interior décor.


This was a new challenge for Artlight Design, a client falling in love with our Quadruple panel with decorative art deco style oak framing (well we are used to that….) but then to request the same design hand-printed in different colours to match the colour swatches provided.


It’s not an easy task to complete as the translucency needed in the inks for the LED to shine through from behind combined with the layering of the mokuhanga printing make it difficult to pre-empt the final colours.


But we managed and here are a few photos to show the process…..


First the fabric colour swatches and then layer by layer the woodblock and the colour being applied until we are happy the depth of tone and colour matching the fabric.

Inspired by Japan

Crafted in Scotland