Steve Douglas

Steve started his journey with design and craftsmanship in the 70s, making furniture in Shropshire, initially to help ‘make ends meet’.  He then went on to be a biologist and medical scientist, but continued his creative passion, after being so inspired by his tutor, Jack Luscott, the best carpenter he had ever met.

Over the next 30 years, Steve continued his work in medical research, until meeting his second wife, Ruth Ingela, at the turn of the millennium. Her passion for aesthetics re-ignited his interest in art and furniture. During this time, she introduced Steve to Kate at her studio on the Isle of Mull, and he was simply bowled over by her designs. That was it – the seeds of the partnership had been sown and following Ingela’s untimely death in 2013, ‘Ingelas Islands’ was born, in memory of Steve’s late wife.

Kate and Steve started to work fully collaboratively in 2016, initially on some bespoke furniture pieces for a small exhibition. The functional art that we see today was conceived while observing visitors’ reactions to light playing through a Shoji Screen they had made. Thus the plan to combine lighting sources with art was set in motion. 
This inspirational fusion came directly from his and ‘Ingelas’ love of the West Coast of Scotland, their love of life and light, and Kate’s unique talent to bring life into her hand-printed pieces.

Inspired by Japan - Crafted in Scotland