Kate Leney

Kate is an innovative and highly talented artist, specialising in Fine Art and Printmaking.  Over the last 20 years, Kate’s work has been inspired and influenced by both the wild, rugged beauty of the West Coast of Scotland and the elegant intricacy of the Orient. 

Having spent time studying the beautiful techniques of Mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock printing), in Japan, Kate was inspired to expand on these techniques. She started to push the boundaries with regard to design size and printing methodology, extending their application to incorporate this East-West fusion and together with Steve, bring functionality to this art.  

Working mainly in Mokuhanga, Kate has brought a stunning contrast to the Japanese style by adding a touch of linocut. 

Her adaptation and use of printing techniques have cleverly allowed a reflective vibrancy whilst giving subtle and fully colourful transparency when backlit. This is what makes the pieces so exciting as well as aesthetically striking.

Inspired by Japan - Crafted in Scotland