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Our Collection and Bespoke pieces

Inspired by oriental shoji screens, we make ambient lighting panels using handprinted artwork, Japanese papers, handcrafted oak frames and top of the range fully adjustable LED lights set behind the artwork.

The LED emit a low glow or enough light to brighten a room. Perfect as a showpiece above a dining table or as bedside lights, they are controlled by remote so you can switch off from the comfort of your bed. They fit flat to the wall and function both as artwork and as lighting, ideal for obtaining the maximum use of space.

You can choose from our collection of designs and standard sizes, choose a design to a bespoke size or commission a fully bespoke design and frame layout to compliment your interior.

Our bespoke frames are individually designed depending on the size and function of your installation. These beautiful pieces can be hung on the wall like a piece of art, inset into a recess or used as room dividers.

Our Process and lighting

Beautiful techniques of Mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock printing) combined with a touch of linocut. Each organic design, as you will read below, is inspired by nature and created from its own unique printing process.

We combine this original artwork with LED lighting to change the ambience and mood of a room.

Effective and innovative lighting may be a challenge in many rooms and spaces, however the right application will markedly change the atmosphere within a room and mood of those of us in the room. At times we also require a change of light to help suit the occasion.

Our exclusive blend of delicate and calm Japanese mokuhanga handprints and specifically applied mood enhancing lighting combine to help you set the desired atmosphere within your home or workplace.   

Inspired by Japan

Crafted in Scotland